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Discover Nevis

I have been to islands like Kauai with pristine beaches and rugged mountains and Maui with its spectacular Haleakala crater but never have I experienced a place which offers such a combination of scenery, climate, serenity, proximity, history and charm. How did I find my way to Nevis? In the late 80's, a friend of mine told me about Nevis, having heard about it from sailing acquaintances. We joked about moving there and running a bed-and-breakfast on the beach. Several years later, I wanted a place to go in the Caribbean but got no good ideas from travel agents. Then I remembered Paula telling me about Nevis. The travel agents didn't know much about it except it had one very expensive resort (Four Seasons). They didn't know exactly where it was, how to get there or where to stay (couldn't afford Four Seasons); this made me sure Nevis was where I'd go.

Nevis is situated in the northern Leeward Islands of the Caribbean, south of St. Martin, west of Antigua and north of Monteserrat. It shares a independent nation government with St. Kitts, just across the channel to the north. Major airlines serve the airport on St. Kitts, but travel over to Nevis is by ferry or small air carriers serving the tiny air strip on Nevis. Accomodations on Nevis consist of the pampered luxury of Four Seasons or one of several small quaint country inns scattered around the island. These inns represent the real Nevis; each has its own flavor and history with unique, charming ambience and home cooked meals (guests may take their meals at any of the inns). Nevis is tranquil and uncluttered; law prohibits structures taller than surrounding palms.

I chose to stay at Golden Rock Estate based on a long distance call to the manager/part-owner Pam Barry. Ms Barry is a direct descendant of the family which built the sugar plantation in the 1800s that became a guest inn about 30 years ago. The main building is the old estate long house. It contains the dining room, kitchen, bar and lounge, library and leisure rooms. Even the inn office is an original estate structure. Rooms are in cottages with both a mountain and ocean view. Lunch is served on a lush rose garden terrace unless you are at the inn's beach property which has a thatched roof barbecue style restaurant.

There is much more to Nevis than charming country inns. There is virtually no crime, the people are very friendly and polite (no shoving merchandise in your face) and Nevisians are concerned about their environment. You can go on eco-rambles learning about island geology, history, climate, flora and fauna; hike up into the rainforest, observe a budding bee-keeping industry, visit museums. The vervet monkeys at Golden Rock Estate and elsewhere are the most entertaining of the many introduced species on the island. For the more traditional tourists there is of course beaches, water sports, a superb golf course and shopping in Charlestown, the only "city". For another perspective I recommend an article by Kim Wright Wiley in Dec. 1993 ISLANDS magazine; she stayed at Golden Rock when I was there and has visited numerous Caribbean islands. For more information about the island try using "Nevis" as a keyword in any search engine or start at the official homepage. of the St. Kitts - Nevis Dept. of Tourism.

Photo documentation

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This is a picture taken from my lanai at the Lahaina Shores located near downtown Lahaina on Maui.
Sunset over Lanai from the same balcony at Lahaina.
IslandDave and friend at the beach in Pompano Beach, FL ... You can see that Janice was delighted to have our picture taken !
View from the balcony at my apartment in Pompano Beach. Is there anywhere better to live? I don't think so.
Sunset in the Florida Keys
One of many pristine beaches on the garden isle.
Some of the most spectacular scenery in the world; this was taken in the park at the end of the road, east coast of Kauai
A highway takes you from the balmy shores of Maui to the crater over 10,000 ft up. The lunar like landscape above the clouds is nothing short of awesome.
The airport at Nevis is the smallest I've seen. Most of the lodging is at the opposite end of the island via a memorable cab ride. (Winding bumpy road with schoolchildren or livestock around each turn)
Upon arrival you may find Pam Barry here but you will be greeted by her friendly dog BB.
The rose garden terrace is an exotic setting with glimpses of the ocean and volcano; the perfect place for tea before visiting with the monkeys in the driveway.
In the late afternoon, vervet monkeys come to the mango groves near the driveway at Golden Rock. They are curious and like to be photographed, seeming to pose for pictures.

Many thanks to Bonnie for her assistance.
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